How To Create Your Vignette of Curiosities or “Cabinet de Curiosités” as They Call It in France



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Have you ever wanted to create a « cabinet de curiosités » or vignette of curiosities?

I’m going to give you some tips on which objects to us and where to place them.

At the end I’ll give you a little special tip!


Don’t be afraid of taking the « extravagant » route because the stranger the better, you have to draw attention with one-of-a-kind objects.

#1 Choose where in your home you want to create your vignette

It could be :

  • On the steps of your staircae,
  • In a little armoire,
  • On a table ,
  • On a mantle, etc.

#2 What kind of objects :

  • Butterflies (framed, real or faux)
  • Birds (porcelain, etc.)
  • Globes,
  • Small frames for small photos,
  • A cute lamp,
  • Small vases,
  • Statuettes,
  • Gold objects (letter opener, metal fruit…)
  • Objects made of wire
  • Antique jewelry,
  • Feathers, etc.

#3 Where to find them 

Start by searching for treasures in your attic or garden shed, sometimes we forget we have things😉

  • Flea markets are great,
  • If you can’t find that last object than check your favorite shop and buy something new.

 #4 The backdrop

Very important for obtaining that « cabinet de curiosités » look, paint the interior of your cabinet or your table in a dark tone, black or dark grey are usually the preferred tones. It’ll make your objects pop!


#4 How to place your items

  • Make sure your squeeze them together, things look better when there aren’t big gaps of space in between them,
  • Put the tall objects in the back (of course) and then the other ones in front.



Place an orchid or any other plant in your vignette, it’ll immediately bring it to life !


 A bientôt mes  Deco J’adore Décorateurs !


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