How to Choose and Take Care of an Orchid

How to Choose and Take Care of an Orchid

All the advice you need to help you buy and take care of your orchid

Orchidées Mise en Scène

Orchids are not easy.

You don’t know how to choose an orchid when in a garden center or you can’t seem to keep one in flower ? 

Don’t worry.

With my advice and these pictures, orchids won’t be a problem for you anymore !

At the bottom of this post a few pro tips !


Orchidée Blanche en Fleur

4 Things to check out before buying your plant :

1)  Leaves have to be firm and upright,

2)  Leaves have to be green,

3)  Roots mustn’t be dried out,

4)  No drooping flowers or dried out flower buds.


Orchidée Bouton Séché


1)  Leaves: Touch the leaves, they have to be firm and upright. If the leaves are drooping and mooshy feeling then this plant has lacked something important (water, light, etc.) or was watered too abundantly.


2)  Look at ALL of the leaves, they have to be green, no spots or cracks. Leaves become yellow when the plant isn’t taken good care of,


Orchidée Feuille Séchée

3)  Orchid pots are transparent so take advantage of that and check out the roots to see if they aren’t dried out. You can have 2 or 3 tiny dried out ends but not whole roots,


4)  Do not EVER buy an orchid that has wilted flowers. This means it’s at the end of its flowering period and you won’t be able to keep it very long.



–  It’s needs light : on a window sill or on the floor next to a big window, a spot where it’ll get a lot of light but no direct sun from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.


–  Take your plant out of its decorative planter,
–  Let the water trickle down slowly until a few drops fall out from the bottom of the plastic pot
–  Let the excess water fall out, tilt your plant to the left and right until all the water has gone through (an orchid hates puddles in the bottem of planters)

Pro Tips


1) Use rain water  (if you can), or bottled water, orchids don’t like limestone

2) These plants have a long flowering cycle, 6 months, then a 6 month resting period, so the good news is that you’ll have flowers for 6 months but the bad  news is that you’ll be without flowers for 6 months, so BUY AN ORCHID THAT HAS A LOT OF BUDS!


Orchidée Avec Boutons

This plant has at least 6 tiny buds waiting to flower at the end of each branch


->  Dont move your plant (if you do have to move it then don’t leave it in the sun and place your orchid in a cool area of the house)
->  Only water once every 2 weeks
->  DO NOT CUT THE BARE STEMS, your orchid will use the old stems to flower again.


For a gorgeous effect buy several orchids of different colors, it’ll cost a little but you’ll get so much out of them !


Orchidées Mise en Scène


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