You don’t know how to add color to your room and you don’t have a big budget!


Here are 5 TIPS that will help you do that.

Use as many tips as you want and you’ll be adding a little, or a lot of color to any room in your home.

There are solutions for small rooms as well as big ones.

You can add color to your sofa, add color to an area of your room or to the whole room.

If you’re hesitating on which color to choose, you can use an object that you have and love as a starting point. Then you can look for objects which are the same color or different shades of this one color.  

DSC04192 (2)

At the end I’ll give you a little PRO TIP to check if everything is to your liking !

5 TIPS (in this case I changed up the color in my living-room):

TIP n°1

 DSC04166 (2)

Add a throw  to your sofa or armchair.

TIP n°2

DSC04169 (2)

Change the pillows on your sofa. I love pillows, probably even obsessed by them. When I shop I can barely resist them.  

I already had 3 white faux fur pillows and 3 rose patter on white pillows.

I simply added 3 aqua and white ones (they are reversible – the flip side is white with aqua pattern 😊).

TIP n°3


Create a little spot somewhere in the room and place 2 or 3 big statement pieces.

 Just prop them up one next to the other.

TIP n°4

DSC04179 (3)

Create a little vignette table.

I had this little metal table and decided to paint it white and to place several objects on it.

It’s always nice when placing several objects on a table to have several heights and to have one big piece to place at the back.

In this case I used a big blue and white jar that doubles as a vase if I take the lid off.

All of these pieces, except for the bird, are there to decorate but can also be used for fresh flowers!


DSC04188 (2)

This tip is the one that’s going to take the most time, but i twill give you maximum impact and change: PAINT YOUR WALL(S).

When I used to pick up some paint I always had a difficult time choosing. It’s tough trying to imagine what the tiny square of color would look like on your whole wall!

So now I always buy a big can of white paint and a little bottle of concentrated paint and add little drops by little drops until I find the color that looks right. I then test it on my wall and if it still looks right then I paint away!

At least this way I have exactly the color I wanted and it’s unique !


You don’t like something about your room but you can’t really pinpoint what it is, you can use this tip to find out.

Just walk by the room and take a glance. The brain has a way of working out what’s wrong!

Change a few little things and then walk by again. If everything’s in the right place your brain will let you know.

I do this regularly and it works!


Have fun with interior decorating! Don’t forget to leave your comments and don’t hesitate to ask me any questions.

See you soon my Déco J’adore Decorators !


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